Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First Letter! June 15,2016

So I think this is where I should send my letters? If not I am anyway.

Dear everyone that gets this

The MTC is INCREDIBLE. To sum it up, you come thinking you know a bit of what you are doing but heavens no. I know NOTHING and only through the spirit, obedience, and looking outward can I succeed in this mission. This week had been one of jam packed learning. It is HARD but it is so awesome to feel prayers answered multiple times a day. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. One thing I want to share is knowledge that I have come to know through the spirit. Recognizing spiritual promptings. Rarely will you see in the moment it is a prompting of the Lord. So how do we follow it if we can't notice it until we have hindsight? This is how. It is not a question of recognizing the spirit but recognizing your life in line with the example of Christ. If you are being obedient, diligent, and exact with sincerity of heart, overlooking yourself and looking to bring others to the knowledge of Christ simply because you love them, you can trust the Lord is guiding you. It takes faith, a lot of faith, but you are being led by the spirit so long as you are doing your part to the best of your ability. In Elder Bednar's words, "Quit worrying about it!" Quite literally, open your mouth and it shall be filled. 

I love you all and I am loving my mission. This is where I am suppose to be and I intend to pour my heart into this work for it is true and right. There is no better way to live this life than in the service of others.

Elder Hiatt

Ps to mom

So I cannot find my camera. I don't think we packed it. I also had some other things but I can't remember what those would be. Also it would be nice to have one or two more long sleeve shirts but its not a necessity. I love you guys and I hope this email suffices. I'm still trying to figure everything out. Love you guys and hope you're all doing well. . Thankya