Monday, December 19, 2016

Love Prevails, December 19, 2016

Hey Y'all!

I got a new companion this week and we hit the ground sprinting! We decided together we are gonna be thermostat missionaries rather than thermometer missionaries. We are gonna change the area not just be able to show what's wrong with it, so we've been hittin the ground workin. It's been fantastic and we really click well. His name is Elder Hatch and he is from Heber City. Something of a miracle happened as soon as he got here. He was out of money because he used it to get a guy who got baptized right before he left his last area a quad so we got here and within a day we had received about enough groceries to live through the transfer. The food pantry we volunteer at found out our budget and said, " man we really appreciate you guys and you do so much for us but man you two need these more than many!" And gave us like 5 bags of groceries. They were very very nice and told as well that (keep in mind they are all baptists and methodists) they love having us come because there is such a different spirit about us that we bring and people see that and it gives them light. So they love having us come to be an example. That was like, whoa that is cool. If that doesn't testify that God has restored the priesthood to the church if Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints then I don't know what does. So it was a great start to a week.

Dallas Daze

So this week wasn't so much a crazy experience as it is the weather change. My companion and I were walking outside in the morning on Friday and it was FREEZING, as the day goes on we go to lunch with some members with a service dog at a super fancy restaurant and it was funny to have the dog eat with us, but after we get out it is relatively warm, then as the day goes on it gets up to 80 degrees and we begin sweating as we walk. So we take our jackets off only to have the hardest rain storm come ever, last for 5 minutes, then leave us as well as I kid you not dropping in a matter of 20 minutes from 80 to 28 degrees, with the humidity and wind chill it felt like 14. The weather was like anti-tracting weather. It was crazy.

So this week I pondered a lot on why love is eternal and just love in general. One thing that I have come to know is the happiest people in life are those who are seeking to serve others, in the smallest of ways. As small as hanging up a coat of someone else's. They're always happiest and tend to get what they want in life as well. Love prevails in everything good. As I've come to understand the mindset of loving others through acts of service any way we can I've found blessings upon blessings of all kinds and especially happiness in everyday life as well as serious trials and sad days. Where there is joy, love is found too. It's pretty awesome. I can't quite explain the realizations I've had as I ponder the importance of love in all things but I would encourage a study and ponder of it. Seek to have love and pray for charity in your own life and watch it change, watch your outlook on everything shift to positivity and happiness. It's quite miraculous the change.

I love you all and wish you a very merry Christmas this Sunday!!!

Elder Hiatt