Monday, March 6, 2017

Allergies! March 6, 2017

Hey y'all!

So this week was awesome! I'm being transferred back towards Dallas so that'll be good!

Dallas Daze

So this week we walked outside one morning, and man our car looked great! It was covered in yellow powder and it was interesting, everything was blooming oh it was beautiful. Then it happened the next day......ALLERGIES......CRAZY RIDICULOUS ALLERGIES......I FELT LIKE I HAD THE FLU. So yeah, if you have allergies and you come to east Texas, imagine being crop dusted by pollen. It's lovely. Thanks to some members I got some good help though so we good. Just a raw nose. We also got to meet a lemur, so that's cool.

So this week was way cool. We had a guy who has a non member wife that wants to know the gospel is true. She has been seeking it for years and her husband is a less active guy that has been to church in years. We've been working with them and being quite bold. Boldness requires love because if not, it is overbearance. So as we have done so they have slowly changed. They are now coming to church and really living it. It's a process and I hate to be transferred in the middle of it, but God knows what he is doing, and I have faith things will work out. It'll be awesome.

Sorry for the short letter, transfers make Monday busy!

Love y'all!