Monday, February 27, 2017

His Grace is Sufficient, February 27, 2017

Hey y'all!

This week was a great one! We had much fun today and I shall tell you about it!

We shall do Dallas Daze first,

So this week was hilarious, we were teaching this 90 year old guy Charles and we are talking about the word of wisdom. He loves the idea and says he can easily live that. So we are talking about it and he's all, "water is all I truly need anyway! you know though. (Saying it all in this funny voice because he's had two strokes) if I ever go to Dallas, I will have to drink milk or something because the water there, man that water tastes like it's got a TURD in it! Smells like there's a big ol' POOP in there! Man that Dallas water smells like a POOT! I can't drink that, no way." To his credit the water is quite terrible. People get bottled water more here because the water well and truly smells like a poop and tastes similar I'm sure.

This week was awesome. We had some fun stuff happen but what was the bomb was this lesson we had with a lady tracting. We had the spirit with us stronger than ever because we asked a lot of questions and it was awesome. She kept answering genuinely and truly was into the lesson. Elder Hatch asked her if she had a bible and told her to go grab it, (seriously inspired I had never done that before but I'm gonna start because it was awesome.) she gets it and we then read some verses with her about the apostasy and such as well as the scripture in Ezekiel about the Book of Mormon and the Bible being one. We talked with her about Jospeh smith and how it t doesn't make sense all
churches claim to be the only right one and how by the fruits of people you know them. We read Ezekiel with her and asked her, "so why do you think this is in the Bible (in her own Bible mind you)?" She said, "well it sounds like scripture for people." We said, "yes! So where is the stick of Judah?" She's all, "would that be the Bible?" And we said, "yes, so if that's the Bible, the Bible is talking about another book that's suppose to be one in the Lord's hands for Joseph, where's that one?" And she said, "well man I don't know?" (The scripture reference is Ezekiel 37:15-17) and we then explained how a fruit of Joseph smith was the Book of Mormon and how he translated it by the power of god and with the Bible and it, you can now have the full truth. We then read the verse again with her. And then she was looking st us and we pulled a Book of Mormon out and slapped it on top of her bible becoming one in our hands nd then said, "so where is the stick of Ephraim for Joseph?" And her eyes got super wide and said, "oh my goodness!" #prophecyfulfilled right in front of her eyes, she loved that and said, "can I have that one? Can I read it?" We said absolutely and then explained why the Book of Mormon is important and such. There was much more detail to it but that all happened naturally and it was the coolest thing to see her realize that there is a possibility of a true church out there and she can know by reading a book prophesied of by Ezekiel in the Bible. So that was awesome. 

Now for a cool experience that isn't necessarily spiritual. So this business that a member just started is open and it's called Zed Crossfire. Essentially it is call of duty in real life. What they've done is they've taken real M4 rifles (or some type of rifle that's what I was told they were but they were definitely at one point real) and made em super crazy laser tag guns. Still the same gun but they are laser tag guns with Co2 in the clip so it has a little kickback when you shoot. When the co2 runs out you reload. The vests are dark
until you get shot and you then run back to the tent you started in and re spawn. It was AWESOME. There are tons of these places around the country and it runs off of a base program but the battlefield and such is up to the business owner. So we got to play this game today as a district and ITS AMAZING. Literally what you would play on a video
game but in real life. And thankfully enough my skills from games seem to apply somewhat here too because I did pretty well. We had to make accounts and everything and so my name naturally was ASa55yPastry (had to replace sassy with sa55y because the system was thinking I was swearing). I explain all this so I can send these awesome pictures. There is way to much detail to explain about this game but essentially it's like putting yourself in a video game. It was so cool and we got to play for a long time. The members that own it are really close with us and we got s referral out of it too. So that was extremely fun.

But ya, that was my week highlights. Something I've reflected on a lot  this week was in Brad Wilcox's talk his grace is sufficient. We have been saved by grace, but have we been changed by grace? Because no unclean thing can dwell with god, but no unchanged thing would want to anyway. If everyone will be in tux's and fine dining wear, would you
want to be there dressed in a swim suit and no shirt? Of course not! Heaven will not be heaven for those who have not chosen to be heavenly. I invite all to listen to that talk as well as the one from last general conference, Am I Good Enough, Will I Make It. And then please, follow the council in my last email and just pray, pray for eyes to see it like God does, for a desire to be heavenly, pray pray pray. Then read read read, and obey obey and obey. There's so much joy in eating a perfect steak meal over hot dogs from the hot dog stand. So take a step and just try the steak. It's delicious.

I love y'all!
Elder Hiatt