Monday, February 13, 2017

Never buy a Chevy! February 13, 2017

Hey Y'all! 

This week was great! Lots of learning and overcoming and some great success with a few people as well as MORE CAR TROUBLE :D :D :D :D yeah word to the wise, NEVER EVER EVER buy a Chevy and if you own one and it works well, then its not a Chevy. It's camouflaged as something else because good grief this Cruze is a tool of the adversary.

Dallas Daze

So a few things this week. Firstly, we drove out to find this lady in the middle of nowhere and following the GPS we are driving deep out in the country when we get to a gate that is shut but not locked down a road we are to go down. So we were all, "man we drove this far dangit we are NOT turning back." So we moved the gate and pressed on but soon decided to go back because it was super duper muddy and the car getting stuck was not in our idea of fun. So we got out and walked along this road through the deep forests of east Texas. Mud on our pants and caked on our shoes we get to the end and bam.......Nothin. GPS anything is not accurate I have determined. So we hike back and got in the car. We drove back to some houses in the forest and knocked to see if anyone knew the woman. One did and called her for us. She met us down the road and showed us where the driveway began to her house (all dirt roads and such so very hard to find.) She gets out and we start talking. She says shes got about 13 dogs in at her house and some are mean so set up appointments are best so she can kennel them up. Well as she says that like 8 dogs come trotting around the corner of the tree line and bound up to us. We thinking they were mean were kind of terrified but that was totally not the case. Puppies galore and dogs that just wanted to play. So after trekking to find this lady out in the middle of nowhere an hour and a half down at the bottom of our area, we found her with her army of dogs. Well the other was this Saturday we go to start the car, and I go to back up but it felt like I was riding a horse. My companion asked why I was jerking around so much but when we realized it was the car, we just parked it and got a ride. So back to square one, our car is definitely not fixed as we previously thought. Moral of the story, Chevy isn't my first choice. 

So this week we had an awesome experience with one of our investigators names Charles. Charles is 90 and we have been trying to get him to come to church. We go over and read the Book of Mormon with him and listen to his stories and answer his questions but he said he hasn't gotten an answer that he should come to church with us. We began thinking we would have to stop teaching him when finally this last Wednesday, he accepted to come! We were so excited and he's began calling us his personal preachers and loves having us over. Well when we showed up Sunday to get him he was all ready to go in a suit and tie in a fedora. It was awesome. We got to church and he sat and took it all in. He loved the music, the services, the everything. Well to our surprise he said he had been to the building before for a baptism of one of his neighbors. So he was familiar with it. He came to all three meetings and on his way out he was talking to people on the way out when we heard, "I have been a bishop of my church for sometime and we have got a lot, but your church, you have it all. I want to come more to this church. These young men here, they know how to teach, and have answered more questions I've had that I never thought there was an answer to." It was awesome! So we are gonna be getting him to church as much as we can. People seeing the whole plan coming together is awesome. 

I hope everyone had a great week and hope this one is better!

Elder Hiatt