Monday, February 6, 2017

Sick em' boy! February 6, 2017

Howdy Y'all!

Something I want to share with y'all this week was stuff I learned at church. I have been learning a lot about how the gospel applies to life in every situation and how teaching with the double edged sword or presenting both sides of a choice rather than just one side is so important in every situation. If you want to find solutions do everyday problems within the family, within life, within anything, study the savior and his teachings. We shall go on the subject of repentance. What is repentance? Is changing our wrongs and making them wash away through the Atonement of Christ. Why do we need it? Because when we sin we damage our lives and our future. When do we need it? We
need it whenever we do wrong, without it relationships crumble, lives dissolve, and hope darkens. Repentance is the key to happiness. Okay great how do we repent? Well we first recognize when we do wrong, we admit such, we confess to God our wrongs and we apologize and try never to do it again. So we know how to repent and make things good
with a God. We must take responsibility and say sorry to him. It's simple, but it can be hard. Well so that a religious thing though right? That's just for sin? Well let's look at a husband and wife. A husband and wife fight, there is contention and things in the home are now not so happy. The husband, wanting back his wife, serves her in ever possible way trying to work and fix what had happened. But it doesn't seem to be working. He does everything to show his love but it doesn't seem to be healing the wound, only covering up. The pain still exists. Finally, with humble heart and responsibility taken, the worlds greatest speech that can be given comes, "I'm sorry." Magically, the wound heals, the scar is gone, and happiness and love thrive. We cannot work our way to heaven. Repentance is a principal that if we learn, will heal all wounds in this life. The Savior died
so we can be healed from sin in this life and heal relationships. His Atonement is Infinite. There are so many examples to use but the gospel is truly designed to bless your life and is practiced within families. I encourage all to seriously study the savior and seek to be as he was, it will change you. But if you don't, your life will simply
stay the same and will not have such light in it as it could with the Light of the world at the for front.

Dallas Daze

So this week was super weird, we were tracting and is guy pulls up in his driveway as we were walking out. We say hello and he looks at us and turns to his dog and says, "sick em!" And the dogs bounds over to us and we kinda jump but it was the lickiest loving dog ever in the world. We look back at the guy laughing and he Laughs too and then
says I got ya didn't I boys! And then turns around and goes inside without another he led it up as if he was gonna let us talk to him but nope, just turns around after such and leaves. Super weird.

Well I hope everyone has a great week!
Love y'all!
Elder Hiatt