Monday, July 4, 2016

Dallas Daze! July 4, 2016

Hello All! 
So fun fact, I am not in McKinney hahahaha I am in Mesquite Texas and on a biking area! We bike about 15 miles a day almost. It's a work out but it's awesome. We drink like 10 bottles of water a day too. I am not in shape for it but the power of prayer is real. When my strength fails, Christ gives me the strength I need to keep going and it is truly a blessing. 

So the first week has been intense. We bike in 100 degree weather with high humidity and it is awesome. So many people, even when they reject us, give us water and are so nice. Everyday when we start getting discouraged I swear the Lord puts his children in our path and as long as we open our mouths to everyone we will find them. It's beyond cool. 

One scripture I've come to set my goal to is alma 31:36-38. It's amazing how the Lord blesses us when we seek to do his will. The field is white already to harvest.

I don't have a ton to report on but we did have a funny moment yesterday that was lovely.

We were tracting and we knock on this door waiting. A woman opens the door and gets this "oh boy your gonna get it" look on her face, leans back and says, "honey there is some boys here to see you!" So out walks this smiling man, invites us in, and gets this smug look on his face. He then proceeds to get up and says, "let me get my Bible." So I kinda sit quiet because I didn't wanna bash but my companion, Elder Matheson, and this guy start goin at it about whether there is a pre-earth life and it wasn't heated but the man definitely expressed how he knows we are wrong and told us to be aware of false prophets. It was lovely. So that wasn't the funny part because it was really a good conversation that stayed mellow but didn't go anywhere. The funny part was, and here is the first DALLAS DAZE, so my companion is giving the closing prayer and the baptist guy stops him mid prayer and says, " I'll take it from here," and then prays for us to basically stop being blinded by false prophets and to find the truth. Elder Matheson and I were like dying when we got out. It was so weird. But it was good because that was an hour we didn't have to be on our bikes and got to clarify our beliefs even though he didn't believe us. 

One thing for mission prep group. What they need to do is every time they get together, Jesus Christ HAS to be the center. Teaching goes unheard when Christ is not the center of every point. The spirit manifests so strong when everything you talk about is centered around Christ and how His gospel can meet their needs. So crucial. Same with role playing. It seems silly but role playing is one of the best learning opportunities. So long as you treat it realistic. And lastly, don't shy away from reading the Book of Mormon. It matters not what they think of it, if you are in and teaching a lesson and you read the Book of Mormon with an investigator or better yet have them read it, the spirit testifies so strong. The Book of Mormon is powerful and needs to be used. Don't talk about scriptures, if one comes to mind READ IT. Summaries are great but the Book of Mormon says it best and holds great power because it is the word of God. 

The gospel is true and I love it here. It's hard hard work but it is lightened when you turn it all to God. Just go forward in faith and open your mouths.

I love you all and I hope all is well in the family. Sorry about my room hahaha and I hope that the whole car thing goes well. Lemme know about the bike thing, I have a temporary one but it isn't actually mine. I love you all and keep living the gospel, it is the source of joy we can have in this life. The strength Christ gives is unmatched and He is the light of this world. 

Love you! 

Elder Hiatt

The food is ridiculously good, we had home made ribs last night and WOW.....WOW and here are some pictures.