Monday, July 25, 2016


July 24, 2016

Hey Cam,

Mom and Stock are off trying to sell our van to some guy from Las Vegas. Hopefully they don’t get ripped off. At least Stock should intimidate them some. They sound like a nice family. They said they had ten kids, but there’s not as many at home so they need to downsize to a van. That’s funny because we’re downsizing to a sedan for similar reasons.

The family reunion was fun. We went to a big house like cabin at Schofield Reservoir. Drew played with Maggie and Linus for much of the time which was surprising. Matt rented paddle boards and kayaks and we rowed all over the lake.

Cory asked Stock and I if we wanted to go fishing with him and Cooper below the dam. Cooper is quite the fisherman. I didn’t know that. We had to drive several miles on a dirt road, but it was really pretty when we got there. Cory caught an 8 inch brown trout. Nobody else caught anything, but it was fun.

It reminded me of the time we went fishing at that pond with Travis Wilkinson. You caught that fish and Travis had you clean it and eat it. It was good, but I think your animal loving nature took away from your desire to catch them. We ate Cory’s trout and it was delicious.

Grandpa looks better than ever. It’s funny when we saw him in the hospital after dropping you off at the MTC, I thought he didn’t have much time left. He looks like he could live another 70 years, well maybe 20.

The radio station gave away a theatre full of tickets for the new Star Trek movie. It was good, but I think I’m getting old and curmudgeony, cause it seemed like more of the same. It was fun though and the price was right.

When most people read my book, they really like when Succubus torches his teacher and then they kind of stop reading for awhile. I’m thinking of splitting it into two books and ending the first one at that point. I would then add a chapter where Solomon sees and learns about demons walking the human world. And I would add a chapter where Succubus sees other volunteering for the final tests. What do you think of that?

Bishop is going to Dallas for his work this week so keep your eye out if he drives by. Make him buy you lunch.

I’ve been organizing all the letters that were sent to me on my mission and it reminds me how much I loved it and how grateful I am for you.
Love you

July 25, 2016

Hey dad,

Sounds like the reunion was fun. I didn't even know that was coming up soon. I hope you got the van sold; it sounds kind of fun all these changes that are happening. I'm glad grandpa is doing well too. I was worried about him. I'm like a celebrity now that people have found out that he wrote follow the prophet haha. About your book, I found it just fine. A lot of people don't really read books like they use to. So as a book reader I thought it was awesome, granted the version I read wasn't what it is now so I'm sure it is awesome. I say keep it where it was. I'm sure it will be just fine because I really enjoyed it. See what stock thinks.

This week has been awesome. Me and my companion worked out some stuff and as soon as we did the spirit flowed so well. This week we set 4 baptismal dates and it was so so cool. Only nine of them showed up to church!! So irritating but we know why each didn't and it was rough. But we are so blessed lately. 

Kind of cool too, a guy we had dinner with yesterday, brother Howard, we were talking to him and his family and he served in the same mission you did. He's younger than you but it was fun to talk to him about it. He told us about how he went to pick up two missionaries that went to Mexico in a mission vehicle; he had some fun stories.

Other than that nothing much more I have to tell ya specifically. I'll be writing my big letter soon so stay tuned. 

Love ya

Elder Hiatt