Tuesday, November 1, 2016

No Mass Email, November 1, 2016

Because Cam is being transferred and his P-Day is cut short because of that and Halloween he asked that I just put together something.  So I am including the email he wrote to me.  

Hey Mom! 

So my letters this week are a bit short. Because of Halloween our P-day is cut short and I'm also being transferred but I don't know where yet so I also have to pack, as for the week I had, it has been amazing. We had some truly miraculous things that I am really angry I'm leaving. Our investigators are really picking up and member referrals are flying all over the place. It is really fun to see the work exploding in my area. 

Tell the family about this because I forgot to mention it to dad. I don't know if you know about the fair in Texas and how huge it is but it's the biggest fair in the nation. So members in our ward that own a restaurant did the fried fair food contest and made these pulled pork "funion ding" things that are seriously probably what the fruit of the tree of life tastes like. They got top 8 (should've won because they're receiving the most press and publicity from their entry) but they are pretty much one of the top 8 food makers for the biggest fair in the nation. Way way good and we got to try them for dinner Sunday night because every Sunday they are closed but when they take us to dinner on Sunday's they take us to the restaurant and give us free food and pie shakes (pie slices blended up in a milkshake and the pies are also famous in Texas being home made from scratch). It was amazing. 

In the attached picture this was half our meal and those little ball things are the funion dings. Super delicious food and shakes. 

So about my bike, I was riding it and all the sudden the back tire locks up and my pedals lock up and I stop immediately, turns out the derailleur somehow got caught in the spokes and crumbled into a ball. I'm not sure why it did but it did so I'll be getting it fixed today. 

Other than that I'm glad things are going good and it sounds like fun things are happening! Tell Kajsa to hold down the fort well! 

Love you mom! 

Famous Fair Food!