Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Meetings & Drinking, October 25, 2016

Hey everyone!

This week has been awesome! We had zone interviews this week as well as a fireside with Sherry Dew who is a really good speaker and the head of Deseret News. As well as some more hilarious situations my companion was put in.

So interviews always start out with our President talking to us about stuff for a while. It was fantastic. He talked about how there are two missionaries on a mission. The joyful missionary and the miserable missionary and how it's through motivation and perspective that you are one or the other. Sometimes we put a pavilion over ourselves that shields us from the joy and light of Christ because we have a perspective on life from a negative, and burdensome view. Long story
short, he showed how as we understand the atonement more and really learn it, we begin to change and find joy in things. We then look toward Christ rather than at ourselves and begin to do things for motivations outside of yourself. It's a hard process but a very good process that is worth the difficulty. We aren't here to suffer but men are that they might have joy. If you are miserable, learn of the atonement of Jesus Christ and pray for a change in perspective. Things don't all come at once but they will come and as you walk the path of refinement you will see yourself change. It's really quite a beautiful thing.

Dallas Daze

So this week was hilarious. Our neighbors invited us over and we were having a very, very good discussion when the neighbor's friend calls. She got off the phone and said her friend was coming so we thought that was cool. Well when they pull up, we are watching from the balcony and the girl's boyfriend gets out and goes to open the door, well out stumbles a VERY VERY VERY drunk girl that cannot walk straight whatsoever. She gets up to the apartment and begins hugging her friend like they were going to die in mere minutes. It was so funny but kind of ruined the lesson. Well it continued on by the girl slowly bending down and then losing her balance and falling straight on her face with her butt in the air and then just laying there. After she finally gets up we were trying to get out of there and we are shaking hands and when my companion shakes her hand, she won't let go.
He pries her hand off and she begins chasing him around the furniture. So I run over to the door and open it and he runs out and I say, "we'll see y'all later!" And slam the door before the drunk girl comes running after us. We bolted into our apartment across the way and just start laughing. It was hilarious.

Another funny thing was we participated in our wards chili contest. Our chili consisted of everything that was in our cupboard that wasn't expired thrown into a Crockpot. We were prepared for a train wreck but shockingly, it tasted really really good!! Not everyone would try it because granted it didn't look the part but those who did actually loved it! Was way fun. We also were able to give a kid one of our tags because he was a missionary for Halloween so we let him use a tag for
the night. Was very fun.

Well I hope everyone has a great week! Love ya!

Elder Hiatt

Image 1-Crockpot Chili ingredients
Image 2- Halloween Party
Image 3-And this is clear rootbeer because it's cool and really weird but way good. 

Halloween Party!

Clear Rootbeer, because it's cool, really weird, and way good

Dead Rat - just gross