Monday, October 17, 2016

Precious Cargo October 17, 2016

Dallas Daze

So this week we saw something awesome. I was on an exchange with my district leader and we had just finished up teaching a lady in the hospital with the senior sisters and gave the woman a blessing. It went very very well and on the way back I saw this. . . . . 

I told him to speed up and upon further inspection. . . . .

That is what you'd call an oversized load. Pretty dang awesome.

Hey everyone!

This week has been very cool. Lots of very spiritual experiences as well as some funny things.

One of the cool things we have been able to do this week was we met a woman who when she was 15 was baptized but now has kind of forgotten everything and lost her way. How we found her was awesome. We were riding out toward an investigators house to just randomly stop by and we got a call from a member that was passing by. They were going to the pizza place right next to where we were and asked if we wanted dinner so we went with them and had dinner. After that we went on to the house once again. We got there and he was unavailable. So we decided to knock on his neighbors door. The neighbor wasn't there and we started walkin back down when just as we were about to leave a woman walks out from the house across the street. She said, "hey are you Latter Day Saints?" We said yeah and she told us all about how she had been baptized and then fell away and didn't mean to, just kinda stopped. She wanted to get back but she didn't know how, well there we were right then. She wasn't even living at the house she walked out of, it was her moms house she was visiting and she said they were Mormon once too. We wouldn't of found them if we hadn't had all that happen like it did. It was really really cool. Sometimes the Lord puts things in our path that may seem to frustrate how we think things
should go, but we can only see the picture from our point of view. You never know why that stumbling block to you might have been placed there, and you may see it soon as a very big blessing. Trust in the Lords timing.

I hope everyone has had a great week and pray all is going well! I'm thankful for all the prayers, I really can feel them and they help a lot. I love you all!
Elder Hiatt