Monday, October 10, 2016

Small and Simple Things, October 10, 2016

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone's week has been good! Mine has been fantastic and miracles are happening!

This week has been really sacred to me. I have had the blessing of recognizing answers to prayers through the spirit unfold before my eyes. I have been able to experience the Lord showing that he truly does care about our desires and that he loves each of us. This last conference I was really seeking an answer to something I've been praying and fasting about for months now and I hadn't gotten any answer on it. I was beginning to worry, but this conference the impression I got without fail in every talk was to have patience and trust in the Lord's time, that things will happen and so long as I'm patient, the Lord will answer. Well this week the Lord worked through people who didn't even know they were speaking by the spirit to give such a definitive answer that I cannot deny that prayers are answered and the Lord really does care about us and our desires. As we seek to follow him in the little things, great things become evident and truly miraculous blessings come because we are his children and he loves us. Sometimes we are afraid to ask God for things because we think he will say no or that he won't care but I invite you to try it! You will come to know just how loving Heavenly Father is when you are blessed with the very thing you ask (as it is righteous). He will answer you and does love you.

Something I really liked that I heard this week and pondered on was how little things make the biggest difference. When we do the little things of the gospel, in a marriage, in a friendship, in a job, those relationships strengthen and it's so much stronger and more fruitful as you do the little things each day, rather than one huge thing and then drop off. "It is by small and simple things that great things are brought to pass." No matter how small, as you strive to do good, you make the biggest difference.

Dallas Daze

So this week was an anti-bike week. I swear there are people that their sole purpose is to throw thumb tacks on the ground so I will run them over and pop my tires. So, needless to say, I have popped my tire on my bike 2 times now in a week thanks to those. We have had very generous people and I have tubes now, but also, we now have 4 bikes sitting in the apartment as back ups when something happens.....we have no room! I know this week's isn't the funniest but anything that has to do with a road here in Dallas is a Daze, rivers, the roads themselves, the things on the roads, the way roads are organized, everything. Roads in Dallas are a trip.

Hope everyone has a great week!
Love ya!
Elder Hiatt