Monday, October 3, 2016

Book of Mormon, October, 5, 2016

Hey y'all!

This week went by way way fast and I was having a hard time on what to write to everyone. But here was some awesome stuff that happened so I will get into it.

I will start with the Dallas Daze because it was hilarious.

This week we had dinner at that home where the Down syndrome girl lives that is such a sweetheart. We had a great dinner of roast and potatoes and it really was awesome, but having had the experience, I let my companion experience sitting next to the girl. When we started the message to share, as expected she goes over and starts cuddling with my companion and he just starts dying with the "is this really happening laugh." This goes on the whole time and is hilarious because it's super awkward and finally she stops. Well we get up to go after the closing prayer and she stands up and gives my companion a big hug and tells him she loves him, after which she grabs his face and goes in for a big kiss! He luckily dodged that and it was all good but boy were his eyes huge with surprise. We get out and he's like,"...........that was interesting." So that was fantastic to experience.

As for this week obviously I'm going to talk about General conference. My favorite thing of it was the testimony of how reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and obeying are things that you will never be led away if you are doing. Such small things really do keep you in the faith, and if you find yourself dwindling, which of those three are you not doing? I can testify that fixing the lack thereof will change your life. I'm witnessing each day the words of a blue book that take people who are broken and hard-hearted and bring them joy peace and love. Let it change you! 

Something I really loved was the talk about angel mothers. I am so thankful for my mom and her teachings. It may seem like sometimes your kids aren't listening, but they are. I could've done more for my mother but I wouldn't be at all able to handle what I can without the teachings of my mother. As you teach your children the gospel and have seemingly inattentive lessons for family night and such, wondering if it's working, there will be a day where we will all reflect on the words we have been taught by our parents and see the way out of trial. It happened for Enos, it happened for Alma, and it can happen for each of us. The gospel of Jesus Christ is everything and will change your life to the sunny side of things if you'll let it.

Study general conference continually and take each talk seriously, there were things we must pay heed to and as we do, our joy will be full. I know the general authorities are men of God and are true. Heed their council and be saved, be happy, love life, and endure to the end in joy.

Love y'all!
Elder Hiatt.