Monday, January 23, 2017

The Blue Book is True! January 23, 2017

Hello Yall!

This week was wonderful! But there was a couple experiences very notable. 

We were asked by the ward to visit this family who has somewhat shown interest in coming back to the church. I've talked with them before but they were really not all that interested. So we went over last week and invited them to take the missionary discussions again and they accepted. That was kind of a miracle in itself but the real miracle is what happened this week. We went over Thursday to teach the Restoration. They were all there except the oldest daughter, she was a friends house. We began with a prayer and taught a really awesome restoration. They seemed sorta touched and we were kinda worried throughout the lesson about if they were really opening up their hearts. Well we gave testimony at the end after the first vision video and man, the spirit peels people like an onion. They opened up like to the CORE to us and tears began to flow. They expressed their genuine desire to come back but were scared to come to church and what God thinks of them and such. They felt horrible their kids don't go to church and have grown up without it. We sat and cried together as we watched the ember of hope be unearthed and take light once again. The light of Christ burned bright and the spirit filled the room. I grew that night to truly love this family. They were so excited to have us come back over and wanted us to reteach the restoration to their daughter that wasn't there so she can be baptized. They committed to read the Book of Mormon as a family and wanted us to start having family home evenings with them again. The wife mentioned as well how she looks back and when they were active in the church was when she was the happiest in life. She wanted to come back so bad. It was truly a blessing to be a vessel for the spirit. Missionary work itself is pretty easy. You just open your mouth and let the spirit speak the things you prepared in exactly how they need them. It is so awesome. Our part is being worthy of the spirit. And why wouldn't we want to be? It cleans us, strengthens us, comforts us, and gives us the very words we need in the very moment we need them. The Holy Ghost is AWESOME. 

That was one experience. The next was with an older couple we are teaching. They were a bible referral, I think I mentioned them before. Barbara and Donald. They are so darn awesome. We had a lesson with them earlier this week reteaching what we had before about the Book of Mormon because we didn't teach it super clear before.So we discussed why the Book of Mormon is around, what it is about, and why reading it is important. We did this by reading the introduction with them and explaining it as we went. The Holy Ghost touched their heart and they got it. They really got it! They were extremely excited to read it! We invited them to church but they said not this week. That made us pretty sad but none the less, they were progressing rapidly. Well Saturday night we get a call from Barbara saying, "Don and I have been talking a lot, and we want to come to church if we feel able in the morning (they have many back and health problems that limit their sit down time). What should we wear and where do we go?" Oh man we went through the roof. Getting people to church is very difficult. We gave them the address and told them how people usually dress. We prayed that night that they would be feeling good enough to come for Sacrament meeting. Well that morning we got a text before church of them in a suit and dress saying they were on their way! They came and the members were super surprised but were AWESOME. Barbara and Donald were greeted by tons of people. They loved it, they loved sacrament meeting too. The problems caught up with them and they had to go early after sacrament but on the way out they were chit chatting with everyone like old friends. They told them how they had read the Bible tons of times but felt like they wanted more but they just couldn't fill that need from the Bible alone. They then said they felt like this was the step in the right direction and that "those two boys" are teaching us more, are giving us more. They said to many how much they loved it and they said, "We gotta go this week, but we will be back next Sunday. You can count on that." They've texted us every day since we met them about how much they are loving the Book of Mormon. We were assigning them verses to read but now they have started from the beginning. Today Barbara texted us and said how she had read 5 chapters last night instead of just one. In her words, "I reading and I almost didn't want to put it down but I knew I had to to do some things. When are you guys coming over though? Can you come Tuesday?" So yeah, we are stoked to say the least. Miracles are real. This area was somewhat of a dead area but it is changing before our eyes. So so awesome. 

Dallas Daze

So we have two things about Dallas Daze. First of all, this investigators limo that he takes massive pride in that I can't remember if I mentioned or not. So here you go.

Also, Texas is flat as the Salt Flats. But we found the ONE "mountain" here in Texas. Well because its so flat, it makes some seriously awesome sunrises. So we woke up this morning and went to see. ​         

                                                                                                                              Well I love yall! The church is true and the book is blue!

Elder Hiatt