Monday, January 2, 2017

Hey y'all!

So this week was amazing!!! We had an amazing miracle happen where we decided to make a trip down to Jacksonville. We have been praying for miracles but it has been slow. Well we get to Jacksonville and went to seek out referrals we have had. We stopped by various people but nobody was home. So after we had went by many people, later in the day we got a text from one of the referrals saying he was home now and wanted us to come back. So we went to deliver the Bible he ordered. It ended up being a lesson on the restoration and when we relayed the first vision his eyes widened and was like, "woah, man that's cool. I feel a lot joy from that." We helped him see how he felt the spirit and he asked for a Book of Mormon as well. He loved it and is excited to have us come back. Well after that we decided to visit  someone we already had again and this time they were home. Well the person we were looking for wasn't super interested but her son was WAY interested. He came out and asked us about the Book of Mormon and told us how he had one but didn't understand it. He asked TONS of questions and as we answered them he got more and more excited as we talked. He said he wanted to meet with missionaries so we referred him to the elders he lives by and they had a lesson with him and he had said that when we promised him the day before that if he would read this book it would change his life, he told the elders, "man I can't get out of my head when the Hiatt one said that if I would give this a chance and learn more that it will change my life. That hit me hard man." They went over a lesson with him and he basically was like, "yep that's true, uh huh that's true, yeah I feel that is true. Yeah this is awesome!" It was so cool! So my companion and I are working on his mom that lives in our area and his excitement made her way more interested. It was so awesome.

There was another miracle this week too. Our vehicle has been having some problems and we finally set out to repair that, we went to one
shop and they said they couldn't take it till Monday. We then went to a place Elder Wilson, our vehicle coordinator, told us about and we
typed the address wrong and it was a ford dealership. So we found a chevy dealership finally and took it in. They said it'd be a while so
we went inside and first we talked to a mom and her son that work at a beauty salon in Gilmer Texas and how they know the missionaries and
such and it was a great conversation, that was miracle one. Now here's ultra crazy cool miracle #2. We got this referral 46 days ago for
someone and we tried contacting them but never was able to. Well Ikind of forgot about them so we have had this uncontacted referral
sitting. We were sitting outside getting some air and up walks thislady to us. She says "hey I'm so and so, and I thought it was crazy, I saw you two inside and thought, 'no, that can't be.' And you walk out and sure enough, it is the Mormon missionaries. Well I pulled up an
email you sent me a month ago and it was you two! Was it you that sent the email to me?" Well bam here is this referral that we have
miraculously ran into that we talked to for a good long while. Turns out she has been meaning to call but didn't want to bother us. We were
able to get to know her background and questions she has and teach her about the Book of Mormon and bear powerful testimony about it and how the answers she's searching for and the questions she has can be found and answered here in this church if she will give it a chance and read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She asked with a sincere spark to her, "do you have a copy I can have?" We happen to have one with us that wasn't bent and folded like crazy with the rest in our car that was currently unavailable and we gave it to her. She is seriously SO prepared and it is a true miracle we happen to run into her at the auto shop of all places! As well as having one copy with us to give! She is moving tomorrow out of state and we are working on that but if we hadn't been here and she would've moved, she wouldn't have the Book and wouldn't have the commitment to read it. Crazy thing too? She moved to st George yesterday!! That was just insane to experience how the Lord when we set goals and make plans choreographs it to happen. It was so awesome. Made me see how being obedient and doing things gods way brings our desires and miracles. Maybe some of you will see her in St George and meet her! Was so cool.  So also this week before I run out of time I want to mention. We had a baptism Wednesday!!!! So awesome!  
Dallas Daze

So this week we got to see parts of a church building nobody ever
sees. It was way cool to see how the buildings are made and so
efficient. Nothing crazier happened so this weeks is kind of lame 😜.

 I also got to skype in to a baptism of one of my investigators in my old area Saturday! She wanted me to baptize her but I am too far away to go back and do it. She was sad I wasn't the one to baptize her like she wanted but she was way happy to see me over skype and that I could be there. Her name is Michelle and it was awesome.

She's the first in her family to be baptized and it's so awesome. She is truly an amazing 9 year old. So proud of her for continuing on even though I got transferred. She reads the BOM everyday and it's really impressive.

Well I wish I could write more but we are driving into Dallas for a temple trip so I must go! I love you guys!

Elder Hiatt