Monday, May 1, 2017

Control, May 1, 2017

Hey y'all!

This week was great! We had a crazy Dallas Daze but I didn't
experience it. About an hour east of me, a tornado that was suppose to
hit my town touched down and DESTROYED a city called Canton. It was
nuts. Sadly 5 people died. 2 others touched down as well and I just
can't believe that was predicted to happen here. Texas has some crazy

This week was pretty awesome. We had a thing called "Church with
Friends" and it was a special Sacrament orientated to having non
members there. One you'd want to for sure bring a friend to. One ward
when pretty awesome but the second ward was fantastic. I only caught
the last talk because my companion and I went on splits because third
hour in the first ward overlaps with the other one we cover's
Sacrament meeting and third hour I did a Q&A with the youth which went
alright. The leaders said it was awesome so I'll go with that. But it
went well all around.

We had some awesome things happen this week. Two people randomly
texted us out of the blue asking if we were the guys that talked to
them about god the other day? They wanted to meet with us again and
one of them that happened earlier on in the week is 18 and about to
graduate. She had read up to page 41 of the Book of Mormon and we have
met with her twice since and she's doing awesome. The second one we
are meeting with tomorrow and are excited for it. The parents of kids
here are pretty hard hearted but their kids really are desirous to
know the truth. It's pretty awesome.

I also got to jam out on the drums with an investigator and we have a
return appointment to come tell him about the Book of Mormon so we are
excited for that as well.

I'm doing good though. We helped this guy in the ward with his yard
and it was awesome. Shoveled a ton of soil and it was good, but Texas
weather has been up and down. It was freezing that day, then got super
hot till yesterday it was like 50 degrees. So weird. I also tried
ghost pepper spice this week. It is nuts spicy but I liked it. I
dipped my finger in it to try it and put it on my tongue and for about
10 seconds you don't feel anything so you swallow and it gradually
goes crazy spicy. It was tasty. But I can see why people have a
struggle with it. Not for the weak of heart at all.

This week was awesome and I want to share a thought become apparent to
me. When we are doing our best, we are doing what's right, and trying?
Smile, because you are doing awesome. In the manual of adjusting to
missionary life it talks about worry about the things you can control,
and let go of things you can't. And it has taken a while but I get it
now. Life is much happier when we concern ourselves less with things
we can't control and just do our part and do our best and when we fall
short, repent and continue on. It's how learning happens, who growth
happens, and how you can have joy in any situation. It's truly a
blessing and the Lord does things around you to teach you what he can
and help you grow. Just let him by doing your part. I have never been
happier than I am now and I hope everyone who reads this can choose
one thing they can do better tomorrow they can control, and just try
it. What it really comes to is attitude. You can always control your
attitude and when you change your attitude, you change your
perspective. Change your thoughts and actions follow. If you find
yourself stressed and depressed or missing something in life, it's a
lack of God in your life. Do your part, let go of things you can't
control, and follow him, and I can promise joy. Because I have been
miserable and grasping for air for too long and I can now promise such
joy because it's why I'm so happy even in the storms of life.

I love y'all and hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Hiatt

Ps we also found an iPad in the lake so that was funny!