Monday, May 29, 2017

Transfer! May 29, 2017

Cam's  Dallas Daze comments seem to make me think there might be a picture or two that he didn't send or forgot to attach. Imagine away!!

Hey y'all!

I am getting transferred tomorrow! So that is bittersweet as always
but life is good.

This week was pretty good, we had a super cool idea and we have done a lot of practicing for it. Since Elder Nigh and I both play percussion we were gonna do a street performance using buckets and garbage cans and stuff as drums but unfortunately I am getting transferred today!  So we got half of it down but alas, I am leaving. It was gonna be awesome though.

We did a ton of tracting this week as well. It's about all we could do at this point in time but it was really good actually. We came up with a new door approach for the people here in Texas that is working pretty effectively. I've realized that people here aren't going to change by being invited to hear a message from us because everyone already knows who we are. So we have been asking as soon as the door
opens if we can share our favorite verse of scripture about Christ with people. They 9/10 say yes and we then read like Helaman 5:12 with them or any of the power scriptures in the Book of Mormon. They agree wholeheartedly and some ask, "where is that found that's beautiful?"  We then get to explain its from the Book of Mormon and seeing people's face that such s verse of truth can be from there is awesome ­čśé but it is cool cause the Book of Mormon really changes people and if anything each person we share one with has a better idea of what that book
contains than before. So we did that like all week.

This week, I firstly want to say, if you were tagged in my Facebook post, MAKE A VIDEO!! This is a perfect opportunity to hasten the work, it's only 40 seconds of uncomfortableness but can mean and eternity to someone. 

But with transfers I haven't had a ton of time so I want to stress one thing, one thing I've said many times.......there is no greater thing in my mind someone could say, not a smile phrase greater, than saying without any deception or doubt the words, "I am clean." To be able to say if the Savior came at 8 pm tonight you'd be comfortable where you stand and confidant in where your headed. There is no greater thing, no greater happiness. The Savior came so you could repent, you could be clean, this life is a time to prepare to meet god and that is through repentance. I can testify of repentance, of the freedom that is had through it. The true gift it is, and no anxiety, no pain, no sorrow, is greater than the joy you will feel when you can stand saying you are clean. I can testify if this. Repentance is merciful, don't make up consequences for things, the lord decides those and he is merciful, repent. Repent please. There is no greater joy that can be had on this earth than feeling clean. Do whatever is necessary. If you aren't doing something like reading every day, repent and do it. If you don't attend the temple weekly, repent and do it. If you have sins chaining you down, let the savior loose them. I cannot think of anything more magnificent and truly freeing, than repentance. Please do so. 

Dallas Daze

So this week we were cleaning up trash around our apartment ponds,
after finding some clams and such, we saw yet another proof that
everything is bigger in Texas.

I love you all.

Elder Hiatt