Monday, September 5, 2016

Service, September 5, 2016

Hey y'all!

This week has been packed! We did 16 hours of service this week! As well as more lessons we've had in a while! So many blessings it's hard to count them all!

So last Monday night we had a miracle happen. We had an hour left in the day and we wanted to use it well so we said a prayer and went out. We started walking around our apartment complex and the first guy we see is up on his balcony. We offered him a card and he flipped around and came outside. He asked us who we were and we told him about the church. He relayed to us the amount of trials he has been having and was in so much need of the gospel. It was a huge testimony builder of how much this gospel helps people. Seeing someone's life without it is truly as if we were wondering in a forest trying to find eternal life. Without the authority of God and apostles to guide us through we will become lost. But this gospel is truly the guide. Following Christ is always get you to eternal life.

We have been, as I said, doing crazy amounts of service this week and it has been extremely edifying. What has been done is this brother in the Ward asked if we wanted to help him remodel the bathroom and garage into a room for his home teaching family. We have gotten to destroy the bathroom with hammers, build tons of stuff, and really provide some awesome service for someone in need. We also helped another brother build a garden for a sister in the Ward. Service really brings you closer to God. If you want to feel God's love, serve your neighbor. If someone's in need, give up of your substance and time and help them. It is truly amazing the love you will feel and the joy you will have.

Dallas Daze

So this comes from remodeling the bathroom. We were smashing out walls of drywall and destroying it. Sooooo much fun. But while I was taking care of one wall, my companion was smashing this wall and another brother from the Ward is all, "is that ash????" Well we all turn and here is what we find in the wall.

This poor little guy. But they are EVERYWHERE here and not super surprising for everyone else. I on the other hand was quite mortified. 

My message this week really is all about service. Service will bring you nearer to God and is such a blessing. When we turn outward and not think of ourselves, is when we truly find ourselves. Sacrifice of time, money, talents, and the things the Lord has blessed you with for the benefit of others will come back ten fold. I invite all to find a service they can do this week, anything. If it is small, do it! Small and simple things bring about great things! What service can you render for your brothers and sisters this week? 

I testify of our savior and the reality of his atonement. I testify he lives and that the Book of Mormon is true. Read it often and the spirit will unfold its message to you. I know this church to be true. Follow Christ and don't stop. 

Love you all! 
Elder Hiatt

Hey Mom!

So I would like those little journal things in my room, they are small black notebooks on my side table with my lamp. I wanna use them for a study journal.

I hope everything is going well and that the diet is working out well. Dad sounds pretty convinced and I'm happy for him.

I love you mom! I have really found an appreciation for all you've done for me and I am thankful for a mom like you. Thanks for being awesome!

Also, if I need to get gifts for like birthdays or for like Christmas later in life, am I allowed to use my card or what do I do?