Monday, August 29, 2016

Miracles, August 29, 2016

Hello everyone!

We had quite a cool experience this week that will sum up what it has been like. We have been really pushing for miracles in the mission and so my companion and I have been asking for a miracle that we will be led to someone prepared. On Wednesday we were headed to a lesson, biking like mad to be on time and when we get there, no answer. The person bailed on us and we were pretty sad about this because we hadn't had a lesson in a while. So we start going back and it is taking us forever because people are blocking our path, red lights all the time, everything was deciding to slow us down. So we are almost back after way too long of a ride and in the middle of a neighborhood we get stopped by a truck. This distraught man gets out and we start talking with him to find out he is going through a serious trial and needs help. He asked if we could pray for him and we were able to share Ether 12:27 and say a very powerful prayer with him. It was an exact answer to a prayer and though he wasn't super interested in the church itself, he gave us a hug and with tears in his eyes thanked us for help. You could see his view of the church was softened by the spirit and he was willing to have us come over and talk to him more about the church. So so cool that if we hadn't had all the things leading up to it we wouldn't have been able to help him.

The mission has began greatly pushing on the concept of sacrifice and how we will attain blessings when we put forth something we have on the altar of sacrifice. Some sacrifice their Preparation day and won't begin it until they find one new investigator. Others have sacrificed candy and won't eat it to show the Lord their commitment. Just something they do a lot or enjoy a lot they sacrifice for the Lord to show they are committed. And how AMAZING have been the blessings that come! As in Praise to the Man, "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." First comes faith, then comes obedience, then comes sacrifice, and lastly consecration. Repent and find what blessings come from that process.

Dallas Daze

So I'm not sure what it is about people here but sedans like Crown Victoria's are highly sought for one reason, putting 34 inch wheels on them and blasting Latino music at about 3 in the morning. It isn't so much an experience this week so much as for some reason this week I have seen about 80 of these flying around town and then slowing speedily down to go over a speed bump at 1 mph so they don't mess up their car. They have like a foot and a half of ground clearance but maybe half an inch of give before the wheels are hitting the wheel wells. Which isn't smart because the roads here look like earthquakes happen frequently. The logic is nonexistent.

I hope everyone is doing well and I want to leave my testimony of miracles in these days. Miracles have begun flowing forth and as we seek to serve all men and follow the savior, more keep coming. I can testify our Savior lives and the strength in His atonement is not just a fun phrase to say, or a fun concept to talk about. It is real. I experience it everyday but it only comes when we remember the Savior and His selfless sacrifice for us. As we follow His example and lay down our weapons of war, as we sacrifice for the Lord, we will receive blessings we cannot contain. I love you all and invite you to repent and discover the blessings the restored gospel of Jesus Christ has for us children of God.

Elder Hiatt

Hey mom,

That sounds pretty much like Drew, never did like homework. I think it's funny the dinner places that are that expensive are never where you'd prefer. It's always just something to mix it up a bit. I am amazed dad agreed to do that diet, sounds pretty interesting. You'll have to let me know how it goes. This week has been much safer don't worry. Love you mom, thank you for everything you do for me. I appreciate you more than I say. I am blessed to have a mom like you that helped me get here on a mission. Let me know how that drink crap
is with the syrup and such. Maybe I'll try it.