Monday, August 22, 2016

Not a Scratch August 22, 20116

Hey y'all!

This week has been pretty slow but blessed in different ways!

To start, the heavens have truly been opened, in the sense that the
the clouds have been literally DUMPING on us this week. No longer are
we soaked with sweat, but soaked with water. So we have been blessed
with cool weather and it is glorious! Truly it is a blessing to have
rain in this heat and humidity. There isn't a ton to talk about
because this week was very rainy and slow but I have a few things.

One cool experience this week has been with an experience of a
referral. We got this referral Saturday morning from a man in Japan.
He is a recent convert from Nigeria living in Japan. His email was
very broken English but he wanted us to go visit his son that lives in
our area here in Texas. So that night we stopped by and met his son.
His name is Eddie and he knew of us coming by. We talked to him for a
bit and asked if he wanted to come to church Sunday with us in which
he was not really excited to but said sure. He was one of 4 people who
was suppose to be at church but that day nobody showed up! We were
really disappointed but halfway through sacrament, another elder leans
in and waves us to come out. We walk out and there is Eddie and his
non member aunt here for church! We were so happy to see him, it was
like that first drink of cold water after running a mile in the
summer. So refreshing and good to see. He had to leave after that but
he wanted us to come by today at 7. Referral from Japan really worked!

Dallas Daze

So this week as I said was pouring rain all week. We were riding back
from service in the rain and as we were going through an intersection
that the walk sign came on allowing us to go, my companion looks back
and says, "look out!" Well suffice to say I got hit by a car! It was
crazy but I got up and looked at myself, completely unharmed. Everyone
got out and asked if I was alright and it was all totally okay. Not
even a scratch on me and even more crazy on the bike. I took a second
to really think and really thanked God for my safety. The Lord really
blesses his servants with safety and I can thank him for such a

I promise I am okay btw mom, I literally wasn't even scratched or hurt at all.

But that's about all the worthwhile things to mention from this week.
I leave with my testimony that this gospel is true, there is an answer
to every doubt and we need to doubt our doubts before we doubt our
faith. Our Heavenly Father loves us and is mindful of us. In the
strength of the Lord, we can do miracles. I know the Book of Mormon to
be true and I hope all is well at home.

Tell Savannah I'm excited for here and that is way awesome she is
going out on a mission.

Love y'all!
Elder Hiatt.