Monday, August 15, 2016

Humble Stick August 15, 2016

Hey y'all!

This week was transfers, and it was pretty crazy. We had a ton of
driving back and forth to different areas dropping people off and
picking up, crazy. Reason being, I don't think drivers here know that
their car has a blinker. So I rigidly drove all over the place and it
was lovely.

This week Ether 12:27 has made a lot of impact on me. I wanted to know
how I could stay humble instead of getting beat with the humble stick
every time I start getting prideful so I can better be a missionary. I
realized as I read the Book of Mormon, the people who are righteous
continually acknowledge their inability to overcome things and rely on
the Lord continually for strength. When we repent and forsake sins,
sometimes they don't go away. We have to continually rely on the Lord
to truly forsake our sins. The moment we let our pride increase and
take it upon ourselves, we fall. I know now that how the Lord can use
us for good and how we can continually be humble, is by recognizing
our weaknesses daily, admitting our inability to overcome them, and
asking for the strength to do so from God that he will help us in our
trials and in our afflictions. As we are humble and follow God, joy
will come. It is truly liberating and life changing when we humble
ourselves and submit to God. I cannot fathom why we ever think
following God isn't the way, God literally cannot lead us anywhere but
where we will have joy! Why we choose to sometimes follow a path of
misery is beyond me, but I can testify that God loves us and only
wishes us blessings of joy and peace.

Dallas Daze.

So this week wasn't necessarily a secular experience so much as it was
3 days worth of bike problems. During transfers we had to take apart
my new companions bike and shove it into the back seat of a Honda
Civic to get it to the area that day. So riding with that for 45 min
was awesome and we get it out all fine. So on our way to dinner my
back tire pretty much explodes. We see a pole randomly placed next to
a sidewalk, lock them to the pole, and continue to dinner. We got help
in picking them up and taking the bikes home that night where we try
to find a tube but are unsuccessful. That morning a member lent us a
bike and it was truly a blessing. But it then came in pieces so we
spent a good while putting it together. We got to putting the tires on
and realized the front tire is bent a ton. So we took the front tire
off the old bike, which was still good, and put it on the new bike.
Then rode over to a members and pumped up our tires. Not 2 hours later
my companion's bike got a staple in the tire and went flat. So the
next day we went and got a new tube at a bike shop, switched it out,
went to the members house, pumped it up, came back, and go to put the
tire on the bike. Boom, tire is on backwards. So we repeat the last
process and finally we got the bikes working and it is truly a
blessing now that we have them fixed! The me,beers (the prayers) really helped us
out and it's been awesome to see the Lord's hand in it all.

So that's really it for this week. With transfers and bike problems,
our week has been kind of slow. I'll have more to say next week but
for now I want you all to know how real this gospel is. If you aren't
yet converted to the gospel, just try it. It will only bring you joy
and happiness. Our savior is coming and we must repent and prepare
now! It will really be an amazing day when we see our savior again.
Learn what this gospel has in store for you. It's designed with your
happiness in mind.

I know our savior lives, I know Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know the
Book of Mormon is the word of God and will change your life.

I love you all!
Elder Hiatt

To Mom and Drew and such.

That is some awesome gas mileage in the new car, and yes I was very
happy to see Molly ha in a blast. My last companion was cool as a
person, I'll leave it at that. Elder Christensen is AWESOME, it's like
as soon as he got here the work just exploded. Way cool. I think I
should be fine without a bike so don't worry about that. Drew happy
birthday buddy! I'll try to get a present next week, it's hard out
here to get stuff. But I shall eventually!

To Andy,

Andy I love you man! I hung your Dory on my wall where I study so I
see it everyday. It is way awesome. How is Finding Dory? I also saw
the Mike Wazowski you made and the characters of Zootopia, they look
awesome! I am glad to call you my cousin Andy, I tell everyone all
about you when they ask about Dory and they think your awesome. I love
you Andy and hope all is well!

Elder Hiatt