Monday, August 1, 2016

Faith in the Book of Mormon

August 1, 2016

Hey y'all! 

This week has been a big one! First of all, our mission got Facebook, so that's huge! We have been setting it up and finally got mine and my companions accounts ready so to everyone, you can friend me but please limit contact to emails, it's very tempting and distracting if you leave comments or message me but likes are okay. 

Anyways, way cool experience this Sunday morning. We had just posted our purpose on our page when we get a request from a woman in the Philippines. She then messaged my companion and I that she wanted to ask us a question. So we group chatted and she had some very saddening concerns and was without hope in her life. She isn't a member but she decided to reach out to us as a last resort. So we were able to talk to her through Facebook and send quotes and conference talks, videos, songs, and scriptures as well as how to find a building near her and links to her local missionaries. We got confirmation that she requested a Book of Mormon and we've been told that she is planning on attending church next week. All from posting our purpose as a missionary and only two days after we got Facebook!? They told us the numbers would spike but we didn't realize just how amazing it would truly be! The Lord is really hastening His work and it's amazing how we can use these tools for good. 

I also want to share my experience this week. These past few weeks were very hard for me. I had some things that were really bringing me down and it was what you would say a trial of my faith. We listened to a talk about how reading the Book of Mormon changes behavior, attitude, and lives. As we listened it was all about how by reading the Book of Mormon and feasting on its words, it can bring us to a knowledge of the things we believe in. So I really started focusing as hard as possible during Book of Mormon study and was praying a lot, pleading for my soul and wondering if I was being heard, if God was really hearing me, and if he cared about my desires in this trial of mine. I wanted to know that he was there and that he loved me, because before I believed very strongly he is and does, but I didn't truly know. So I prayed as Enos had, I wrestled with God. Pleading for supplication of my soul as well as expressing my desire to do his will no matter what it may be. That even though I have my desires, that I will follow His will because I know it is what's right. That I wanted to know as well if the Book of Mormon was really true. I essentially wanted to gain a witness as I hear so many other testify of that God is our loving Heavenly Father, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that I could have strength through this trial I wouldn't have otherwise. So I did this and I read, feasted, studied, and pondered the words of the Book of Mormon. I continued this and really had to work hard, but I can tell you that as I read, prayed, and obeyed. I have received my witness. I want you all to know that I know without a doubt, that the Book of Mormon is the greatest tool in conversion, that repentance is something that brings us such joy in this life, that God is a merciful one who is filled with incomprehensible love for each of us, that I am a child of His, that he provided Christ, His son, as my savior. That the atonement is real. I know that God cares about your desires and has no problem blessing you with your righteous desires so long as you humble yourself before him, put yourself aside, and be willing to follow him into the unknown. That he knows what's best for us and when we ask and pray to him, he hears us and wants to bless us. We are not here to suffer, through the atonement we are here to have joy. It is there for us to repent and come unto him. Christ is the way, he is the light, he is what brings us new life. Have faith and experiment on the words of the Book of Mormon! Live by its precepts! As Alma says, this seed will grow, it will grow into faith, and as you continue to PRAY, READ, and OBEY, as you be a PRO, your faith will increase. And as it does so, you will want to repent, it may seem a hard thing, but it brings more joy than you can ever know. Repentance is such a blessing and truly liberates you. We have such strong feelings of hiding our sins because Satan knows the joy we will have when we let it out and give it to Christ. This gospel isn't a one time thing, it is a way of life. Be a PRO and gain this witness, there is so much more to this gospel than just being a religion. 

Dallas Daze

So this week we had a dinner appointment that started awesome. We rode over to the house and had a great dinner with one of the members and we were about to share a message. They wanted to have their granddaughter come and listen to so they open her room and tell her that the missionaries were there and they had a message they want to share. Well this is when we find out that she has Down syndrome and is such a sweet girl. But she was on the impression that they invited us over to be her boyfriends........SO she looks into the room and gets this huge grin on her face, and says, " oh momma, they're PERFECT!!!!" Then comes racing over and sits quite on the close side by me and begins cuddling me and saying how much she loves me......I was caught off guard very much so and had absolutely no idea what to do in this situation so I just pleaded with the mom of the girl, by staring intensely at her of course, to do something. But this goes on for about two minutes of dead silence other than this girl pronouncing her love to me as she cuddled me. Finally her mom got her her own chair and we were able to share a message and leave. So it was quite the experience! But it was awesome how enthusiastic the girl was during the message. 

I love you all! 
-Elder Hiatt

To my family

It sounds like everything is going well! The family that sends the pictures is DeAnn Smith and Kent Smith. They are a member in the ward and Sister Smith is so dang awesome. They have 4 dogs and they love me hahaha. But ya she loves sending stuff to missionaries moms and such so that's them.

We get 140$ a month. It makes me happy Courtney comes by, she really loves goin over to our house. That's cool your getting a new car. Tell drew to stop partying so hard! He's got too many party friends. Now you see me is a way good movie though, love that one a lot. 

I've been able to give a lot of blessings this week and it's been amazing the spirit that is felt. I'm really loving this mission and things are falling into place so well. 

Love you all!